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Thursday, 10 May 2012
Well, it looks like Kenya Moore is marking her territory. Amidst speculation that the former Miss USA is joining the cast of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya confirmed she is indeed, the new cast member. Bravo isn’t going to like her announcing that!

Hopefully this won’t be a case of counting her chickens before they hatch, but Kenya spoke to Sister2Sister where she all but announced her new job! “I’ve had an opportunity recently to be on a reality show,” Kenya she revealed. “I feel like it’s almost like my duty to take the job because it’s the converse of what we’re seeing now.”

Kenya says her motivation for joining was to stop the image of women on reality TV as being “immature” and “petty,” which is why she had no interest in Basketball Wives! Kenya confirmed she is not involved in that show, but coyly reveals she will be involved in another one!

“I can say that it’s an already established franchise,” Kenya hinted. “I’m back and forth between Atlanta and L.A….primarily Atlanta. Wink, wink!”

Moving on, Kim Zolciak has been plagued by rumors that she is not returning to RHOA. Most recently Wendy Williams announced that Kim was fired. Well, the bewigged one wants you to know that is so not the case. Taking to twitter (where else?), Kim confirmed she is staying put! “I will be back on RHOA this coming season!!!” Ok then – we got it. Kim, plus wigs, plus babies, plus Sweetie… oh wait! No Sweetie Hughes!

No, Sweetie isn’t returning as Kim’s assistant, but demonstrating that they are still very much friends she recently tweeted a photo of the two of them in her new house. The one she may own or may rent.
“Look who’s in da house!!!!!!!!!!!!” Kim wrote. Sweetie made a surprise appearance at Brielle’s 15th birthday party. Awww…how sweet.
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