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Saturday, 16 June 2012

This one doesn’t even need justification. Charlie Theron’s shaved head is enough to make me cringe. Listen, I have a real issue with her. She’s a great actress, she’s a smart, strong woman. I should look up to her. But instead I am totally scarred by her performance in the movie Monster. Sometimes people are just such good actors that I can’t separate them from the people they portray. She is one of them. I haven’t even been able to sit through a movie she is in since that one, and now she goes and shaves her head. It’s not even the look people have when they are going through treatment for cancer, it’s a buzz-cut look. So even though it is for a movie, it’s pretty unbearable. Why couldn’t she just cut it short and have them put one of those fake bald head covers on her head? Anyway, the look is for the new Mad Max movie, which is being shot as we speak. I bet you can guess one person who won’t be seeing it! See the pictures of Charlie Theron’s shaved head HERE. Photos By: WENN.COM/Lia Toby  

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