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Saturday, 23 June 2012

'You are the best fans,' Gaga tweets after fans pay tribute following cancellation of her Jakarta concert.
By James Montgomery

<P>Late last month, <a href=>Lady Gaga</a> was forced to cancel her <a href="/news/articles/1685874/lady-gaga-indonesian-concert.jhtml">June 3 concert in Jakarta, Indonesia</a>, after protests from Islamic groups led to national police denying her a permit for the show. But now, a different group of Indonesians has taken to the street, this time to show their support for the Mother Monster. And it's left Gaga in tears.</P><P>In a show of solidarity and support, 91 of Gaga's biggest, bravest fans &#8212; dubbed the Indonesian Little Monsters &#8212; gathered at Jakarta's Ex Plaza Indonesia shopping center for a flash-mob tribute to the singer. They were dressed to the nines in their Gaga finest, breaking into a choreographed dance number while surprised shoppers looked on &#8212; and filmed the entire routine on their camera phones.</P><P>In the <a href="" target="_blank">10-minute video</a>, uploaded on Saturday, the group grooves to Gaga hits like "Telephone," "Bad Romance" and "Judas" before triumphantly embracing at the performance's end. And as if their routine didn't serve as a loud enough rebuke against the nation's conservative Islamic groups, the Indonesian Monsters end the clip with a message to both those groups and to Gaga herself, writing:</P><P>"Tons of rejection and hatred are everywhere. But still, we will always [get] your back. We respect your decision [to cancel] BTW Ball, and it doesn't change how much we love you. We love you, Mother Monster, 'til the end."</P><P>Understandably, Gaga was moved by the outpouring of support, posting the video on her Twitter account, along with a <a href="" target="_blank">response</a> to her Indonesian Monsters.</P><P>"This made me cry so hard," Gaga wrote. "I love you so much. You are the best fans in the world."</p>

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