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Sunday, 15 July 2012

This one really belongs under the title “where the heck is the rest of my outfit.” Miley Cyrus is not new to this column, but she continues to prove why she belongs in it by the month. Miley Cyrus must have been in Australia to support her aussie boyfriend Liam, who is by the way a major stud. Anyway, this girl just doesn’t know how to dress. Either she looks like she was attacked by a dog while jogging and somehow escaped before walking the read carpet, or she looks like she is trying too hard to dress nicely. Both styles just don’t work. I think she would be way better off just wearing jeans and t-shirt. This outfit really looks like she missed the top. Where is it? Isn’t it trashy to just have your bra showing? Especially when you don’t have much to show there? As for the hair, it is such a Jennifer Aniston wannabe hairdo that I can’t even look at it. Seriously Miley, go to Walmart and buy some of your own stuff from your line. It would work better.   Photos: PR Photos  

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